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Speed Count training DVD now available to the general public! Orders for Golden Touch Blackjack Revolution DVD being accepted now... CLICK HERE.





We've never had an offer this good for our two-day, hands-on blackjack course.
We teach you the world's easiest advantage-play system…
Speed Count.
$200 off the tuition and $325 in free gifts.
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Henry Tamburin will be teaching the Golden Touch Blackjack course featuring Speed Count on June 23 & 24 in Las Vegas. In just two days of intensive hands-on training, you can become an advantage blackjack player. The course focuses on the Optimum Basic Playing Strategy, Speed Count, betting strategies, exit strategies, when to take insurance, game selection, money management, risk of ruin, comps, and casino comportment. You will develop your new skills by practicing the playing & betting strategies in our simulated casino environment complete with blackjack tables, and using our Speed Count training software. Henry Tamburin plus co-instructors Frank Scoblete, and Dom Loriggio have a combined 80 years of experience as successful advantage players, and they will impart their experience and wisdom to you on how to win at blackjack. This is their fourth year of teaching this course to hundreds of players across the country; go to to read some of the student testimonials.


The regular tuition for the 2-day course is $895. If you register by June 10, the tuition is only $695 (save $200), and you will also receive $325 worth of fantastic FREE products that include:


  • FREE copy of Professional training software for Windows on CD, with Speed Count and Hi-Low (value $95.00)
  • FREE 12-month membership (or renewal) to Blackjack Insider e-Newsletter (value $19.95).
  • FREE 12-month e-subscription (or renewal) to the private Golden Touch Craps Club® (value $45.00).
  • FREE copy of You’ve Got Heat e-book by Barfarkel (value $15.00).
  • FREE copy of the Best of The Blackjack Insider e-Book (value $19.95).
  • FREE 3-month mailed subscription to Casino Player magazine (value $6.00).
  • FREE 3-month subscription to the online version of Las Vegas Advisor newsletter (value $15.00).
  • FREE 3-month membership to the private Green Chip Forum on (value $12.25).
  • FREE copy of the book Blackjack: Take The Money & Run by Henry Tamburin (value $11.95)
  • FREE copy of the book Best Blackjack by Frank Scoblete (value $14.95).
  • FREE copy of the book Henry Tamburin on Casino Gambling (value $15.95).
  • FREE copy of the book Casino Gambling: Play Like a Pro in 10 Minutes or Less by Frank Scoblete (value $14.00)
  • FREE copy of Frank Scoblete’s best-selling book on Speed Count, Golden Touch Blackjack Revolution! (value $24.95).
  • FREE credit-card sized laminated Optimal Basic Strategy Cards for Speed Count (value $15.00).


To be eligible to receive the $200 course discount plus $325 worth of FREE products, you must register for the June 22 & 23 course by June 10 by calling


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"Golden Touch Blackjack Summer Course Special"

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