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What our Students are Saying

The positive response from our students has been amazing. From beginners to seasoned blackjack players, all of our students has been impressed.

Student course reviews

Here are some comments by students who took the course (we ask students to evaluate the course after the second day):

June 2016

  • "Dom and Henry were great instructors; each with a different style, which made learning the material easier seeing it from two different perspectives."
  • "Demonstrations and practice times(on blackjack table) made all the concepts easy to understand."
  • "The OBS Strategy cards were very helpful and will be useful at the tables."
  • "Learning the card counting strategy was easy to do in the class room environment."
  • "Informative and well presented."
  • "Professional-style presentations; excellent details."
  • "Great tips; great instructors."
  • "I really liked learning the strategies and practicing them on the blackjack table under casino conditions."

    Sept. 2015:

  • "Clear explanations; practice sessions on the blackjack tables was terrific."
  • "I used Speed count for 20 minutes last night and won $1500!!! Nice."
  • "It took some focus but I kept getting better and I won $3200."
  • "The blackjack table at X casino (that you recommended for Speed Count) is awesome. The penetration is like 80% ... itís a table from the casino godís."
  • "Thank you for (teaching) the class. I had a great time. S., K., and I (all students) won over $3000 each over the past two days. I actually came home with $4800."
  • "Clear explanations; practice sessions on the blackjack tables was terrific."
  • "Thanks for a great class. I plan to purchase the Speed Count software."
  • "Course was very thorough and informative."
  • "Great information from good trainers."
  • "Very informative, fun, and well taught."
  • "The (playing) experience of the instructors (and their helpful tips) was great."

    Past reviews:

  • "The instructors were excellent and well versed is all the topics discussed in the course. They were also very helpful and patient with students who had a very limited knowledge of blackjack."
  • "Not only is Speed Count unbelievable easy, the instructors made all the concepts such as risk of ruin, bankroll, camouflage, etc. just as easy to grasp."
  • "Finally a card counting system that is easier to learn and master than basic strategy,"
  • "If the casinos have your money from playing blackjack in the past, you can get revenge now!"
  • "To learn a count system, a brand new count system, in only two days and getting an edge is great."
  • "Speed count is easy to learn."
  • "Great course with the math that proves it works!"
  • "Excellent course, well instructed, with lots of information and ideas."
  • "Speed Count gives you a fighting chance against the casinos. The instructors were realistic about bankroll fluctuations that you may experience with Speed Count even though you are playing with the long term advantage."
  • "The course should definitely pay for itself by applying the methods. Thank you!"
  • "Worth more than the cost. When the GTB people start getting feedback, the cost will and should go up. The simplicity of Speed Count is amazing!"
  • "Excellent course for players of all skill levels."
  • "Two days is all it took for me to go from a loser at blackjack to an advantage player. The course is amazing."
  • "Coming in as a novice to the game, I feel comfortable now to sit at a low minimum table and playing with the edge."
  • "I now have the confidence I need when playing blackjack."
  • "This course is great! I've always wanted to learn a system to give me the edge - this is it!"
  • "This is wonderful! I'm so excited to have a system that gives me an edge when playing blackjack. I've been playing for years ands overall pretty much break even. Now I'm looking forward to winning more!"
  • "I've tried other counting methods. This is the easiest one to use!"
  • "Frank told me he could teach Speed Count to a 12 year old. I doubted him, but it's true! If I can do it, anyone can. Thanks for a great 2 days."
  • "Great class! The PowerPoint presenations were very professional."
  • "Excellent course. Content is unique and instructors interested in teaching concepts to students from the beginner to the most experienced."
  • "Don't play blackjack until you learn Speed Count."
  • "If you want to be much more effective as an advantage player take this course. It has shown me a different attitude toward winning and losing. There is life after a losing session. Great job!"
  • "Speed Count is much simpler than High Low."
  • "A great approach to winning at blackjack."
  • "An excellent well taught course that had excellent instructors."
  • "Using a card counting system like Hi-Lo or K-O was pretty good but it takes a great deal of effort and practice while taxing one's brain continuously. Speed Count is easy to learn and simple to use. It's everything their web site said it was and I did learn to apply it in 2 days. Great time. Great course."
  • "This course was even better than I expected"
  • "A first rate professionally created and presented course which was comprehensive, well organized, and very enjoyable. Congratulations to everyone involved in discovering SC and teaching it to players."
  • "Speed Count is unbelievably easy to learn and use. I had tried other card counting systems (like High Low) but found it difficult to master."
  • "Speed Count is a simple method to learn. After the first of two practice sessions I felt good enough to play. That evening I did and I won using Speed Count."
  • "The course was well worth the cost for the basic strategy player who would like to know when and where and how to vary their bets without complicated math."
  • "The relaxed course atmosphere and the knowledge of the instructors were awesome!"
  • "The most thorough, scariest, and dangerous method offered for the game of blackjack in the world. Period."

    Student Results

    We've asked our students to stay in touch with us and let us know how they are doing with Speed Count and the new skills they've learned in our GTB course. Here are a few 'bankroll diaries' from students:

    From E.M., GTB graduate

      I just had to email you and tell you a speed count story. Right after the class on sunday my buddy and I went to the horshoe and ate at the buffet. I sat down at a $10 2-deck game... Well, I sit down at the table and I pull out my OBS card. I sat at 2nd position. The lady at 1st base yells "do you know how to play?!". I said "yes", and she yells "well, if you pull out that card, you make me think you don't". They guy to my left was telling me how I should go with my gut, not the card, and I agreed with him. On my first hand I got a pair of 9's against the dealer 8. I split them, and the lady screams "what are you doing, that's a winning hand!" All this was going on in front of the pit boss. I thought to myself that I couldn't pay for better camoflouge. Well, I was spreading 1 to 5... 15 minutes later I cashed out with $175 profit. So far i've had 3 speed count sessions (15 minutes each). The results were +$110,+$175,+75. Ill keep you guys updated. Thanks for the class.

    From T.G., GTB graduate

      I'm writing to thank you again for teaching your fabulous course. I was one at your Atlantic City seminar, and I have had amazing success using regular Speed Count since then. I have had nine gambling sessions since taking the course 5 weeks ago, and play at the two CT casinos and Turning Stone in upper NY state. I bring $1000 and play strictly at $10 tables with a bet spread of $10 to $100. (I know $1000 is not enough to risk ruin, but that's the most I could stand to lose at any one session.) My history so far is:

      1. won $1000
      2. won $1000
      3. won $1200
      4. broke even
      5. broke even
      6. lost $800
      7. won $400
      8. broke even
      9. won $2000 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      This makes a net profit of $4800 in 9 approximately 6-hour sessions!

    From R.B., GTB graduate

      "I have been doing very well with Speed Count even though I have not played much. I have won almost every time I have sat down."

    From F.P., GTB graduate

      "Just thought I would let you know how a few of your students are doing at Speed Count. Our winning percentage is 59% and our hourly rate is $12.72 per hour playing the $5 tables. Our total profits are up to $1,350.50 each or over $2700 total since we started to play blackjack for the first time on 2/21/04. If you or the guys would like to use us a reference for potential students, please feel free to have them contact us and we will give you guys a good review."

    From N.P., GTB graduate

      "...I made 6 trips to Foxwoods in the month of May. All were profitable...$25 unit size; 2 - 3 hours of play (they deal slow and there was always 4-6 players) each trip; lowest win was $825 the best was $2,000. Did not experience any heat whatsoever..."

    From J.P, GTB graduate

      "This is just a note to say thanks for the great seminar. I enjoyed getting together with all of you again. I decided to put the info to the test on Monday morning at Hollywoods. I sat at a 2 deck table first. I was betting $ 10.00 and did not go above $ 25.00 ( like I said, I was just testing). I won $265.00 in about an hour. Took a break and then went back to a 6 deck table. Started with $ 10.00 and did not go over $ 30.00. I won $ 590.00 in about 2 hours. I got up and drove back to Oklahoma. The seminar info really helps with feeling that you should increase your bets and being comfortable about doing so."

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