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Speed Count training DVD now available to the general public! Orders for Golden Touch Blackjack Revolution DVD being accepted now... CLICK HERE.

Speed Count DVD

Golden Touch Blackjack!

The New Optimum Basic Strategy

Get a REAL EDGE at blackjack

The NEW remarkably easy-to-learn-and-use



NEW! Now includes the Golden Touch Blackjack Revolution! e-book in PDF format, for viewing on your computer or mobile device.

This DVD shows you how to easily get the edge over the casino,

how to bet, and how to play your hands properly.

The instructor is Frank Scoblete, America's #1 best-selling gaming author and columnist, and the author of the best-selling book, Golden Touch Blackjack Revolution. Frank has over 30 years experience as an advantage blackjack player, and he shares his experience and knowledge with viewers of this DVD.

Watch a professional blackjack dealer dealing the cards on a regulation size blackjack table while Frank demonstrates the Speed Count and Optimum Basic Strategy. There are plenty of sessions where you can practice keeping the Speed Count under simulated casino playing conditions.

You will learn:

How to easily keep the Speed Count when the cards are dealt either face-up or face-down

At what point the edge shifts in your favor and how much to increase your bets

What bet spread you will need to beat the single-, double-, six-, and eight-deck games

What bankroll you will need

When to quit playing

When to take Insurance (or Even Money)

How to play your hands using the Optimum Basic Strategy

Which blackjack games you should play and which ones you should avoid

How to disguise your new skills

How to get more comps then you actually deserve


You will observe blackjack experts Henry Tamburin and Dominator using the Speed Count and Optimum Basic Strategy.

And More!

At the conclusion of the DVD, watch the tutorial on how to use the Blackjack Counter software training program that is included with the Golden Touch Blackjack Revolution book. This software allows you to practice the Speed Count and the Optimum Basic Strategy on your computer.

This DVD is what recreational blackjack players have been waiting for ... an incredibly simple technique to get the advantage over the casino.

Stop being a gambler!

Become an advantage player with Speed Count and the Optimum Basic Strategy!

(We recommend that you have a copy of the book Golden Touch Blackjack Revolution and the Optimum Basic Strategy cards handy when you watch this DVD)

Speed Count DVD

Golden Touch Blackjack DVD

1 hour 50 min.

Only $129.95
(plus S&H)

Click here to order

Speed Count DVD
Speed Count Book/OBS

Golden Touch Blackjack DVD Combo

Golden Touch Blackjack Revolution! e-book
(with Blackjack Counter software)
One set of 4 Optimum Basic Strategy cards
you can use in casinos

Only $139.95
(plus S&H)

Click here to order

Prefer to order by phone? Call 1-888-353-3234.

Still not sure? Here's one of many comments from recent purchasers:

I just received the Speed Count DVD by Dom, Frank and Henry. The DVD is very concise and clearly explains the concept. If you had any questions after reading Frank's book concerning the Speed Count and whether or not you are playing correctly the DVD will clarify these questions. In addition, the DVD even contains a tutorial for you to participate during live play Speed Counting with Frank as Dom and Henry play.

The DVD is very informative and as usual fun to watch. I would highly recommend the DVD as a part to one's "BEAT THE CRAP OUT OF THE CASINOS" library.


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