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Our Course and the GTB Teaching Method

Wondering if the cost of our course is worth it, and justified? Read on, and see just how content-rich and intensive our hands-on training course is! We don't just teach you a count system, we teach you how to get an edge at blackjack. While you will learn Speed Count, the world's easiest yet most powerful blackjack card counting system, you will also learn from the masters about money management, bankroll, risk of ruin, fine tuning your game, camouflage, and much more.

Most importantly, over 3/4 of our class time is devoted to practicing Speed Count while playing blackjack with our instructors. This table practice time is your definitive proof that you will have mastered Speed Count, and will be ready to play with an advantage over the casino.

We try and keep the student to instructor ratio to nor more than 6 to 1 (max of 6 students per blackjack table). This makes the course personal and individual, allowing ample opportunity for questions and one-on-one assistance.

The course caters to players at a range of skill levels, from those familiar only with the very basics of blackjack, to experienced individuals knowledgeable with more advanced concepts such as basic strategy and card counting. We've taken players at both ends of the spectrum and increased their suite of skills by giving them the easiest card counting system designed. Beginners like the simplicity, and veterans like the ease of use so they can concentrate on other aspects of their game, like camouflage.

Our Professional Instructors

This is no average blackjack course... you are taught by some of the world's leading authors and experts in blackjack and gaming. In addition to our permanent instructors, we have trained teaching assistants who instruct and deal during the table practice sessions.

Dr. Henry Tamburin, blackjack expert and best-selling author

For over 30 years Henry Tamburin has been playing, writing, and teaching blackjack to casino players everywhere. Henry is the author of the popular book Blackjack: Take The Money and Run and he edits the Blackjack Insider Newsletter. He is one of America’s most popular casino gambling writers with over 700 published articles. He currently is a featured columnist for six regional and national publications including Casino Player magazine. He also hosts his own website at

Dom LoRiggio, software designer and advantage player

Dom LoRiggio is a 20-year veteran professional gambler. He is the author of two books, 10 Steps to learning Craps and 10 Quick Steps to learning Blackjack. He writes and appears regularly for various Internet sites, radio talk shows, and several television specials on gambling. Dom is the co-creator and founder of the Golden Touch Blackjack and Golden Touch Craps. When not beating the casino at the tables or teaching students these skills, Dom runs his own Point of Sale software development company.

Dan Pronovost, blackjack software developer

Dan Pronovost is the creator of Speed Count, the advantage method taught in the Golden Touch Blackjack course. Dan runs DeepNet Technologies, a company devoted to the development of software, resources and systems to help people master blackjack card counting. Dan quit 'his day job' over five years ago to devote full-time attention to his blackjack training products. Now, DeepNet has a wide range of programs that run on handheld computers such as iPhone and Android devices, as well as Windows desktop computers. Dan's technical background is as a mathematician and computer scientist.

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